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C/C++ Project Configuration

The eclipse cdt provides a large set of configuration support for your c/c++ projects. Eclim exposes a subset of these to you using the :CProjectConfigs command:


" or if you are outside of the project
:CProjectConfigs my_c_project

This command will open a temporary buffer displaying some of the cdt configuration values available to you. In this buffer you can add or remove source directory references, include path references, and symbols.

Here is a small example of what the contents may look like:

Config: Linux GCC

  Sources: |add|
    dir:    src

  Tool: GCC C Compiler
    Includes: |add|
      path:    "${workspace_loc:/my_c_project/includes}"
    Symbols:  |add|

  Tool: GCC Assembler
    Includes: |add|

To add a source directory, include path, or symbol, simply move the cursor over the relevant “|add|” link and hit <enter>. You will then be prompted to enter an appropriate value. For your convenience, tab completion is provided where possible.


Despite the odd looking value in the includes path section above, to add the entry you simply need to supply the project relative path, “includes/” in this case, when prompted by the add command.

If at any point you would like to remove a value, you can move the cursor over the line of the value you would like to remove and hit D (shift-d) to delete the entry.