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Groovy Validation

When saving a groovy source file that resides in a project, eclim will update that source file in Eclipse and will report any validation errors found. Any errors will be placed in the current window’s location list (:help location-list) and the corresponding lines in the source file will be marked via Vim’s :sign functionality with ‘>>’ markers in the left margin.

Automatic validation of groovy source files can be disabled via the g:EclimGroovyValidate variable (described below). If you choose to disable automatic validation, you can still use the :Validate command to manually validate the current file.


Vim Settings

  • g:EclimGroovyValidate (Default: 1) - If set to 0, disables source code validation.
  • g:EclimValidateSortResults (Default: ‘occurrence’) - If set to ‘severity’, the validation results will be sorted by severity (errors > warnings > info > etc.)