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Creating a project

Creating an android project is the same as creating a regular java project, but you use the android nature instead:

:ProjectCreate /path/to/my_project -n android

This will result in a series of prompts for you to input your project’s information:

Note: at any point in this process you can use Ctrl+C to cancel the project creation.

  1. First you will be asked to choose the target android platform. If you have only one platform installed on your system, this prompt will be skipped and that platform will be used when creating the project. If you have no platforms installed then you will receive an error directing you to install a platform using the Android SDK Manager. If you install a new platform you will need to either restart eclipse/eclimd or run the eclim supplied :AndroidReload command.
  2. Next you will be asked to supply a package name (Ex: com.mycompany.myapp).
  3. Then you will need to supply a name for your application.
  4. The next prompt will ask you if you are creating a library project or not. Most likely you are not, so type ‘n’ here to proceed.
  5. Lastly, if you are not creating a library project, you will be asked whether or not you want to have a new android activity created for you and if so, you will be asked for the name of that activity.

Once you’ve finished supplying the necessary information, your android project will be created. An android project is simply a specialized java project, so you can now leverage all the eclim provided java functionality while developing your app.


:AndroidReload - Reloads the Android SDK environment in the running eclimd/eclipse instance. Useful if you’ve made changes to the SDK outside of eclipse (installed a new target platform, etc).


Eclim Settings

  • - Sets the path to your system’s android sdk install.