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Described below are some common commands and configuration for eclim's refactoring support.


Eclim does not provide refactoring support for all languages, so be sure to check the available features for the language of your choice.

Refactor Undo/Redo

In the event that you need to undo a refactoring, eclim provides the :RefactorUndo command. When executed, the last refactoring will be reverted. If you are unsure what the last refactoring was, the :RefactorUndoPeek command will print the name of the top most refactoring on the undo stack.

Eclim also provides the :RefactorRedo and :RefactorRedoPeek commands which provide the redo counterpart to the undo commands.


Vim Settings

  • g:EclimRefactorDiffOrientation (Default: 'vertical') - Specifies the orientation used when previewing a refactoring and performing a diff split between the current file contents and the changes to be performed by the refactoring. Possible values include 'vertical' or 'horizontal'.