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Certain aspects of eclim can be controlled by modifying one or more settings. There are two types of settings available:

Eclim daemon settings

These are settings that reside in your Eclipse workspace or project and are used to configure the behavior of the eclim daemon, independent of which client you use (vim, emacs, etc).

These settings can be viewed and modified using one of the following commands:

  • :WorkspaceSettings: Edit non-project dependent settings, or define defaults for settings not overridden at the project level.
  • :ProjectSettings: Define the settings for the current project.

Vim client settings

These are the settings you use to control how vim (the primary eclimd client) behaves. You can edit these settings one of two ways:

  • :VimSettings: Allows you to view and edit all of eclim's vim client settings. Settings edited here will be stored at $HOME/.eclim/.eclim_settings.
  • Alternately, you can add the equivalent g:EclimXXX setting to your vimrc or an ftplugin file, and that setting will take precedence over any value set using :VimSettings.