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The following is a partial list of eclim features with much more still to come. For more details please see the detailed documentation. For a more comprehensive list you can also visit the cheatsheet.

Eclipse Projects

  • Create, update, and delete Eclipse projects.
  • Easily manage Eclipse .classpath files (support for maven and ivy).
  • Quickly and easily manage settings globally or on a project basis.


  • Context sensitive code completion.
  • Source code validation.


  • Context sensitive code completion.
  • Automatic validation (w/ visual marking of errors and warnings).


  • Automatic source code validation (w/ visual marking of errors and warnings).
  • Context sensitive code completion.
  • Code correction suggestions with option to apply a suggestion.
  • Class constructor generation.
  • Java Bean getter and setter generation.
  • Generation of delegate methods.
  • Java source and java doc searching capabilities.
  • Generate stub methods from implemented interfaces or super classes.
  • Generate stub methods for junit testing.
  • Quickly clean and sort imports and easily import new classes.
  • Automatic generation of logging initialization code, upon first usage of a logger.
  • Javadoc generation for package, class, field, method, etc.
  • Java regular expression testing.
  • Support for Checkstyle.
  • Validation of log4j xml files.


  • Ant execution from any file.
  • Context sensitive code completion when editing build files.
  • Automatic validation of build files (w/ visual marking of errors and warnings).
  • Quick access to ant documentation.


  • Maven execution from any file.
  • Maven repository searching and ability to add results to pom file.


  • File validation using jsl.


  • Context sensitive code completion.
  • Find element definition/references support.
  • Source code validation.
  • Regular expression testing.
  • Django functionality.

Vim Script

  • Find user defined command, function, or global variable declarations / references.
  • Quickly lookup help topic for a keyword, functions, command, etc.

Xml / Dtd / Xsd

  • Automatic validation (w/ visual marking of errors and warnings).
  • Quickly look up element definition from the current xml file’s dtd or xsd.
  • Context sensitive code completion.

Common Vim Functionality

  • Commands to locate a project, workspace, or current file relative file and open it (split, edit, or tabnew).
  • Much more…