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Python Interpreter / Paths

Python code completion, searching, and other features require that you first create a python (pydev) project:

:ProjectCreate path/to/project -n python

If you haven’t already configured a python interpreter, then you will be prompted to do so when creating your first python project. When creating your project a .pydevproject file will be also be created. This file is used to define which interpreter to use for your project, the location of your project’s python source files, and the location of any third party libraries your project requires (if not already on your project’s interpreter path).


When saving the .pydevproject file from within vim, eclim will update your project’s configuration in memory or report any errors raised by pydev.

Also note that although the .pydevproject file is xml, pydev doesn’t handle stripping leading/trailing space or new lines from xml text values, so refrain from attempting to format this file and try to stick to using the commands below to configure your project.


Eclim provides commands to help you manage python interpreters available to pydev projects as well as which interpreter to use for each of your projects.

  • :PythonInterpreterAdd [-n <name>] </path/to/pythonX> Command to add a new interpreter to pydev which will then be available to your projects. If you supply only the path to the interpreter, then eclim will set the name of that interpreter to the basename of the path supplied.

    :PythonInterpreterAdd /usr/bin/python3
    :PythonInterpreterAdd -n python3.3 /usr/bin/python3
  • :PythonInterpreterRemove </path/of/pythonX> Command to remove an interpreter from pydev.

    :PythonInterpreterRemove /usr/bin/python3
  • :PythonInterpreterList Command to list all interpreters configured with pydev.
  • :PythonInterpreter [<interpreter_name or /path/to/interpreter>] When invoked with no arguments this command will print out the path to the python interpreter currently set for your project. This command can also be use to set your project’s interpreter by supplying either the name of an interpreter already configured with pydev (via :PythonInterpreterAdd), or the absolute path to an interpreter on your system.

    :PythonInterpreter python_2.7
    :PythonInterpreter /usr/bin/python3

    This command supports command completion of interpreter names or paths (if you start typing an absolute path).


  • :NewSrcEntry <dir> - Add a new source entry which references a source directory in your project.


    This command supports command completion of project relative directories.