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Javadoc Support


Eclim provides the :JavaDocComment command which will add or update the javadoc comments for the element under the cursor.


While editing java code, if you’d like to view the javadoc of the element under the cursor, you can run the :JavaDocPreview command which will open vim’s preview window with the element’s javadoc content. In the preview window any links to classes, methods, etc. in the javadoc will be highlighted and you can follow those links by hitting <cr> on the link. You can also use <c-o> to navigate back to the previous javadoc preview and <c-i> to navigate forward.


Eclim supports searching of javadocs just like you would search the source code.

The only difference is that you use :JavaDocSearch instead of :JavaSearch.

The results will be displayed in a window and you can simply hit <cr> on an entry to open it using the browser you configured via g:EclimBrowser.

The locations of the javadocs are determined via your Eclipse project’s .classpath file. For each library entry you can define a javadoc attribute that points to the base url of the javadoc (http, file, etc).

<classpathentry kind="lib" path="lib/hibernate-3.0.jar">
    <attribute value="" name="javadoc_location"/>

If you would like to set the javadoc url for your project’s source files, you will instead need to set the org.eclipse.jdt.ui.project_javadoc_location option via :ProjectSettings. Also note that the javadocs for your source files are not generated automatically, so if you would like to use :JavaDocSearch to open your project’s javadocs, you will first need to generate those javadocs as described in the next section.

Executing javadoc

To run the javadoc utility on your project’s source code, you may use the :Javadoc command, which with no arguments will execute javadoc against all your project’s source code (as specified by any optional settings described below).

If you wish to run javadoc only against one or more files, you can supply the project relative paths as arguments to the :Javadoc command and only those files will be used.


Please note that this command is not intended to be a full replacement for javadoc support provided by more comprehensive build tools like ant or maven.


Eclim Settings

  • - Used as the name portion of the author tag. Consult the settings page for more info.
  • - Used as the email portion of the author tag. Consult the settings page for more info.
  • (Default: doc) - The project relative directory where the javadocs with be written to.
  • - Optional space separated list of package names to run javadoc against.
  • - The project relative javadoc sourcepath to use. This should be a space separated list of project relative source directories which you want javadoc to be executed against. When unset, all your configured source directories will be used.
  • org.eclipse.jdt.ui.project_javadoc_location - URL where your project’s javadocs can be found.