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History of Changes

2.21.0 (Nov. 10, 2021)

  • Eclim updated to support, and now requires, Eclipse 4.21 (2021-09)
  • Fix json errors saving workspace/project settings for some setting values (eg. import exclusion patterns).
  • Some small install/uninstall improvements.
  • Fix code completion for vim 8.2.2489 or later.
  • Fix :JavaCorrect error for Serializable class missing serialVersionUID.
  • Fix :Validate command definition for vim 8.2.3140 and later. Thanks to sideshowbarker.

2.18.0 (Jan. 09, 2021)

  • Eclim updated for Eclipse 4.18 (2020-12), so java 11 or newer is also required.


Since eclim’s inception 15 years ago, some better alternatives have been created, especially in the last 2-5 years. The creation of the Language Server Protocol in particular provides the means for IDEs, etc to expose their functionality to editors like vim. So instead of trying to solely maintain all of eclim’s features, I’ve decided to strip out much of the stuff I don’t use and refer people to actively maintained projects that hopefully have the time and resources to keep their features current and expand on them. So below I’ve listed several plugins/features that have been removed from eclim.

  • Android: google stopped supporting eclipse years ago.
  • C/C++
  • Php
  • Ruby
  • Groovy
  • Scala: Metals looks like a good alternative that supports LSP + Vim.
  • Vimplugin: this was never part of eclim’s goal, just seemed like something that was easy enough to include at the time.

2.8.0 (Jul. 05, 2018)

  • Eclim updated to support, and requires, Eclipse 4.8 (Photon)
  • Fix eclimd script for jdk 10
  • Update the installer to be compatible with python 2.6
  • Fix the installer on OSX when libedit is not installed.
  • Added a :JavaOutline command which opens a buffer with an outline of the current class.
    Thanks to g0dj4ck4l
  • Updated checkstyle support to 8.11
  • Updated for pydev 6.4.3
  • Groovy support has been omitted from this release since the groovy eclipse feature does not yet support Eclipse 4.8 (Photon).

2.7.2 (Feb. 11, 2018)

  • Installer fixed to handle spaces in the eclipse path.
  • Eclimd fixed to run under java 9.

2.7.1 (Jan. 01, 2018)

  • Eclim updated to support Eclipse 4.7.2 (Oxygen)
  • Eclim updated to latest versions of dltk, pydev, and scalaide.
  • All new installer that supports several different eclipse file system layouts, including the one from the eclipse GUI installer.
  • Windows support has been removed.

2.7.0 (Jul. 12, 2017)

  • Eclim now supports, and requires, Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen)

2.6.0 (Jul. 21, 2016)

  • Eclim now supports, and requires, Eclipse 4.6 (Neon)

2.5.0 (Jul. 25, 2015)

  • Eclim now supports, and requires, Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)

2.4.1 (Jan. 22, 2015)

  • Fixed unattended installation.
  • Updated the search behavior across all eclim’s supported languages to now use vim’s quickfix list instead of the location list, and to only do so if there is more than one result.
  • Updated eclim’s sign support for quickfix results to now be disabled by default.
  • Updated eclim’s signs to use more unique ids to support multiple different sign types on a single line and to avoid clashing with other plugins that may be setting signs on the same lines as eclim.
  • Added a :ProjectRun command to invoke your project’s eclipse run configuration.
    Thanks to Daniel Leong
  • Added :ProjectImportDiscover to bulk import projects from a common parent directory.
    Thanks to Kannan Rajah
  • Added support for java debugging.
    Thanks to Kannan Rajah
  • Added a :JavaNew command to create new classes, interfaces, etc in your project.
    Thanks to Daniel Leong
  • Added ability to configure :JavaImpl to insert methods at the current cursor position.
    Thanks to Daniel Leong
  • Updated :JavaSearch to support sorting the results by relative path.
    Thanks to Kannan Rajah
  • Added support for groovy validation and code completion.
    Thanks to Yves Zoundi
  • Fixed eclim’s python support to work against the pydev 3.9.1
  • Scala support has been re-enabled now that ScalaIDE 4.0.0 for Luna has been released.

2.4.0 (Aug. 24, 2014)

  • Eclim now supports, and requires, Eclipse Luna

  • :EclimSettings renamed to :WorkspaceSettings to better reflect what is being edited.

  • Added :VimSettings command to make viewing/editing of eclim’s vim client settings easier.

  • All eclim make based commands (:Ant, :Mvn, etc.) will now use dispatch if available. If you would like to disable this behavior, add the following to your vimrc:

    let g:EclimMakeDispatchEnabled = 0
  • Lot of bugs have also been fixed.

  • Scala support is disabled in this release. I tried waiting for a final release of ScalaIDE 4.0.0 for Luna, but I don’t want to hold up the rest of eclim any longer. If you want to use eclim’s scala support, you’ll need to install the ScalaIDE 4.0.0 milestone and build eclim from the master git branch.

1.7.19 (May 07, 2014)

Indigo release which includes most of the changes from 2.3.3 and 2.3.4, excluding the new pydev support. This will most likely be the final eclim release for indigo.

2.3.4 (Apr. 12, 2014)

  • Fixed the projects command result on Windows.

2.3.3 (Apr. 06, 2014)

  • Fixed running of the installer with Java 8.
  • Starting eclimd in the background is now done using the -b flag instead of passing a start argument.
  • Eclimd debug logging can now be enabled at startup using the --debug flag.
  • Fixed ant target completion for newer ant versions (those that require java 5).
  • Fixed adding of includes etc. in the C++ sections of :CProjectConfig.
  • Fixed searching to include macro results.
  • TODO/FIXME markers are now ignored by validation.
  • Fixed indentation after unclosed <br> and <input> tags.
  • Fixed possible infinite loop when adding imports using :JavaImport.
  • Fixed an edge case which caused an additional empty line to be added between imports that should be grouped together when using :JavaImport.
  • Fixed :Java command if the main class has no package declaration.
  • Fixed issue with large portions of code being re-formatted when applying a correction suggestion.
  • TODO/FIXME markers are now ignored by validation.
  • Some of the eclipse java code completion settings are now available via :ProjectSettings.
  • Let tern supersede eclim’s limited javascript completion.
  • Removed dependency searching since the search provider no longer exists.
  • Eclim’s python support been re-written to use pydev instead of rope.


    Any exiting eclim python projects you have should be re-created with the new python nature:

    :ProjectCreate /path/to/project -n python
  • Disabled use of temp files which could cause some validation errors.
  • Added support for automated imports.
  • Fixed validation of xml files with no dtd/schema to not raise errors on missing dtd for non-english users.

2.3.2 / 1.7.18 (Sep. 12, 2013)

  • Fixed extraction of scala vim files when installing scala support.
  • Fixed completion of php namespaces.

2.3.1 (Jul. 27, 2013)

  • Fixed dependencies to point at the Kepler update site.

2.3.0 / 1.7.17 (Jul. 21, 2013)

  • :NewJarEntry now accepts up to 3 arguments allowing you to create the jar entry with the path to the jar, path to the source, and the path to the javadocs.
  • On javadoc search, all results, including results found in jar files, will be fully translated to usable urls to be opened by vim instead of sending jar results back to eclipse to let it open them. With this change your chosen brower on the vim side will always be used.
  • Fix for import grouping by package on Kepler.


Reminder: The format of the h2 database used for php searching and code completion has changed in Kepler which may result in searching / code completion not returning any results, both in eclim and in the standard eclipse php editor. To fix this you’ll need to stop eclipse, remove the old index, and then restart:

$ rm -r <your workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.dltk.core.index.sql.h2/
  • Updated to require 3.0.1 of the Scala IDE which now supports Kepler (for eclim 2.3.0 only). Since this version of the Scala IDE seems to only support Scala 2.10.x now, the option to install 2.9.x version has been removed, however the indigo release of eclim (1.7.17) still supports the Scala 2.9.x version of Scala IDE 3.0.0.
  • XmlFormat now uses the DOM3 APIs to improve the formatted result, honoring your textwidth and indent settings.

2.2.7 / 1.7.16 (Jul. 14, 2013)

  • Fix for some completions on Kepler.
  • Fix for rare case where an invalid classpath entry could result in the .classpath file reverted to the eclipse default.
  • :JavaCallHierarchy added to show the caller or callee hierarchy of a method.
    Thanks to Alexandre Fonseca


The format of the h2 database used for php searching and code completion has changed in Kepler which may result in searching / code completion not returning any results, both in eclim and in the standard eclipse php editor. To fix this you’ll need to stop eclipse, remove the old index, and then restart:

$ rm -r <your workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.dltk.core.index.sql.h2/
  • Fixed the inserted completion text for some ruby libraries.
  • The graphical installer now includes a compiled eclim sdt bundle for both scala 2.9.x and 2.10.x for which one will be chosen for you if you already have the scala-ide installed, otherwise you can pick one and the appropriate version of the scala-ide will be installed for you.
  • The option to force focusing of gvim with a simulated click is now disabled by default, but when enabled, it should be less likely to have unintended side affects.
  • Performance optimization for user’s with many projects.
  • The installer will now properly shutdown eclimd instances registered using the old non-json format.

2.2.6 / 1.7.14 (May 18, 2013)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed eclimd to prevent incorrect addition of -d32 on 64bit systems, which prevents eclimd from starting.
  • Fix potential conflicts between syntastic validation vs eclim validation (syntastic validation will be diabled if eclim validation is available for the current file type).
  • Many more fixes.
  • Updated for ADT 22.0.0
  • :CCallHierarchy now support showing callee tree.
  • :JavaImpl now supports anonymous inner classes and will also properly handle suggesting methods from a nested superclass.
  • Eclim will no longer run php files through html validation by default (see the Php Validation doc for settings to enable html validation).
  • Scala support updated for Scala IDE 3.0.0.
  • Scala now supported on both versions of eclim (Juno and Indigo).

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